Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lower Haw River Canoe Access (near Pittsboro, NC)

Today we discovered a riparian trail on the lower Haw River -- it can be accessed from the Canoe Access just west of the Haw River on the south side of Route 64. The trail is not well-maintained and is more difficult as you walk south from the gravel parking area.

South of Route 64: The trail south of Route 64, although poorly maintained and lightly littered with beer cans, runs along a beautiful stretch of the Haw River. This section of the Haw River is wide, but the semi-immersed granite boulders and wide islands transport you to the wild rocky rivers of the American West. Along the trail, beaver activity is evident and large loblolly pines (4 - 4.5' in diameter) surprise.

North of Route 64: Walking from the gravel parking lot, north beneath the interstate, the river changes from wide, rushing rapids to a small, deeper stream. The trail is less treacherous and visitors can spot towering willow oaks (Quercus phellos) and thick American hollies (Ilex opaca).

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